Policies of NACTU

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4.2 Policy on relations with other trade unions

NACTU adopted three policy positions in relations with other trade unions as guidelines

4.2.1   Trade union unity 

NACTU from its inception adopted a resolution on unity and in 1994 elaborated on mechanism to attain unity.

NACTU called and will continue to call for unity based on the following principles.

  • Worker Control

  • Non-racialism

  • Independence from government, political parties and religious grouping

  • Financial Accountability

4.2.2   Unity in Action

  • 1988 LRA amendment and the 1995 LRA

  • VAT Campaign

  • Stayaways against Apartheid regime

This is viewed at NACTU as important but not substitute for genuine unity.

4.2.3   Solidarity

Practical solidarity as a worker Federation to other union workers and Federations whom we may have differences with is of critical importance to bring NACTU closer to the unions workers and Federations.  NACTU in 1987 gave material and moral support to POTWA during the postal strikes.

After the bombing of COSATU house, NACTU pledged support to COSATU and housed one of its affiliates CCAWUSA (now SACCAWU) at its headquarters for some months until they secured alternative offices.

The nurses strike of 1995 NACTU pledged it solidarity and continues to pledge its support to their union SADNU.



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