Policies of NACTU

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4.14.Workers rights

NACTU believes and is committed to fight for the following rights:

4.14.1 Organisational Rights

Workers should have the following organisational rights: Freedom of Association

Workers should have the right to form and belong to trade unions without victimisation The right to collective bargaining

Workers shall have the right to collective bargaining with the following concurrent rights

  • The right to disclosure of information

  • The right to access

  • The right to check-off facilities

  • The right to time off for union duties The right to strike

The workers shall have the right to strike without state intervention with the following concurrent rights

  • The right to picket

  • No Scabbing

  • No dismissals during strikes

  • Sympathy strikes

These rights are in the Constitution and are regulated now by the law.

4.14.2 The right to minimum standards of Employment

Every worker has the right to the following minimum standards of employment

  • The right to a 40 hour week

  • The right to annual leave of no less than 21 working days

  • The right to paid maternity leave of six months

  • The right to sick leave

  • The right to paternity and family business leave


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