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4.13 Economic empowerment

NACTU sees empowerment as having two components

  • Developing skills of those disadvantaged by Apartheid and cultural approach to be able to take positions of responsibility in the economy

  • Distribution of economic wealth to those disadvantaged by Apartheid policies

The approach of NACTU to the empowerment question is the following:

  • State must create the necessary environment to enable empowerment

  • Those who have economic power should have a duty to empower the disadvantaged

  • The disadvantaged should have commitment to empowerment

  • Empowerment should not be done at the expense of labour standards, job security of workers, their health and safety and social security

In this regard NACTU sees a role of all social partners in the process.  Those disempowerd by Apartheid include workers, the disabled women, the rural people and the small black business.



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