Policies of NACTU

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4.12 Self sufficiency

NACTU has a policy to actively encourage affiliates to be self sufficient.

A union exists because of its members.  It should not exist in spite of its members.

Leadership can only be held accountable if unions can guarantee income and programmes internal.

To this end NACTU as devised strategies for self sufficiency at Federation level and at union level.

For affiliates to finance the Federation they must be self reliant.  We have a short history.  To this end to be able to carry out our mandate, we have two strategies

  • Level of subscriptions and affiliation fees

  • It is our belief that NACTU affiliates should bet at 190 or R20.00 per month, whichever is greater to ensure that a union does not live from hand to mouth and is able to provide the necessary services to its members.

  • NACTU affiliation fees be R1.00 per member.



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