Policies of NACTU

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4.11 Tripartism

NACTU believes to build social consensus on social and economic issues it is necessary to participate in tripartite structures.

As a result NACTU is part of the labour component of the following structures inside the country:

  • National Economic Development and Labour Council Unemployment Insurance Fund

  • Workman's Compensation Board

  • National Occupational Health Council

At international level NACTU participates in the following institutions:

  • International Labour Organisation The ILO sets three basic mandates as follows:

    • Labour standards setting through conventions and recommendations

    • Technical Co-operation through educational programmes

    • Reservoir of international trends on labour market issues
      NACTU participates in its annual conferences

    • SADC Labour Commission (formerly SALC)
      NACTU  participates in annual SALC meetings and discusses labour standards and migrant labour in the region.

OAU Labour Commission

  • NACTU occasionally takes part in the OAU Labour commission whose role is currently being reversed from that of merely developing African positions for the ILO Conference to decisions labour standards in Africa



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