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4.10 International relations

Though NACTU believes that international relations cannot be conducted on an ideological basis believed that a minimum basis of international co-operation and solidarity must be based on the following pillows:

  • Secular independent democratic trade union movement

  • Non-racialism

  • Equality of national centres

  • Co-operation and exchange of information

The solidarity biased international relations based on inequalities is not conducive for genuine working class solidarity.  On this basis NACTU has affiliated to the following bodies:

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) a global co-ordinating body based on free independent democratic trade union principles

OATUU.  A regional based organisation that encompasses all unions irrespective whether they are Christian, Islamic or free and democratic.

This affiliation NACTU must interrogate whether it is worth it.

This organisation was formed at the height of the cold war to prevent African trade unions from being involved in East-West trade union political conflicts .  Its relevance must be reviewed by NACTU

SATUCC.  A regionally based organisation with the principles of free independent trade union movement.  However, SATUCC must look at some of its affiliates and apply a test on them.

In addition, NACTU has bilateral relations with Southern African European American and Japanese national centres. 



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