Policies of NACTU

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4.1   Political Party

National Liberation struggle

NACTU resolved to work with all liberation movements and   organisations in the quest for the establishment of a non-racial,   non exploitative, non sexist democracy.

In this regard NACTU met with ANC in London in 1987, PAC in   Harare in 1987 BCMA in 1988 in Harare and the New Unity   Movement in Johannesburg in 1989 calling for a broad front to   defeat Apartheid. With political turmoil NACTU participated in   various campaigns including rent boycotts.

Its members and leaders went through arrests, detention and   even death in the fight against Apartheid.

4.1.5   Constituent Assembly

NACTU at its 1990 Congress called for the establishment of a   constituent assembly based on proportional representation based   on one person on vote to draw the constitution. NACTU attended   the Patriotic Front Conference in Durban with this mandate.

It is now history that this was achieved.

NACTU called on its members to vote in 1994's general election and the 1995 local elections to ensure democratic transformation.

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