Policies of NACTU


Throughout the existence of NACTU a number of policies and resolutions were taken on various issues to fulfil its constitutional mandate. As NACTU entered various phases of South Africa's social economic and political development, appropriate measures were adopted to fit the different situations.

The following are important policy positions that NACTU took at its founding congress and subsequent congresses.

4.1   Political Party                                                            ... click to read more

4.2   Policy on relations with other trade unions        ... click to read more

 4.3   Social Policy                                                            ... click to read more

4.4   Education                                                                  ... click to read more

4.5   Crime                                                                        ... click to read more

4.6   Taxi violence                                                            ... click to read more

4.7   Economic Policy                                                      ... click to read more

4.8   Strengthening NACTU                                           ... click to read more

 4.9   Women                                                                    ... click to read more

4.10 International relations                                           ... click to read more

4.11 Tripartism                                                               ... click to read more

4.12 Self Sufficiency                                                      ... click to read more

4.13 Economic empowerment                                   ... click to read more

4.14 Workers rights                                                      ... click to read more