Our Objectives


It is important to state some of the objectives NACTU set itself and its founding congress that we outline in Clause 6 of the NACTU Constitution to understand its role as a Federation.

  1. To strive to build a united worker movement in our country

  2. To encourage eligible men and women to join trade unions in order to contribute to the establishment of a broad working class movement that will defend the rights of workers.

  3. To work towards the creation of a just society where there shall be political power in the hands of workers.

  4. To develop effectiveness solidarity on a principle basis in our society in order to deal with all matters affecting the community.

  5. To assist in the enforcement of worker rights the protection of their interests and human dignity noting internationally accepted standards.

  6. To advance the economic well being social interest and working conditions of all workers.

  7. To arrange seminars and courses to educate affiliates and members as to their responsibilities both as trade unionist and as members of their communities.

  8. To assist members to establish workplace units to promote industrial democracy.

  9. To conduct and co-ordinate research in all matters affecting workers, including the exploitative system in which workers find themselves both at factory floor and in the broad community.

These objectives though not exhaustive are in the NACTU constitution and together with the principles and policies have guided NACTU through its existence.