On the occasion of our tenth anniversary, when we reflect on NACTU's ten years of existence in terms of successes and failure, this website presents the organic history of NACTU. 

It is an organic history in that in writing about an organisation, it is not dates and events, but processes and programmes that lead to those events.

NACTU has gone through many battles in the never ending war for social justice and better living standards for working people.

It is a never ending war as long as the economic superstructure remains a capitalist superstructure. 

This website is an introduction to NACTU and how it works. 

It is a useful tool to shop stewards, NACTU cadres and those who want to know NACTU.

General Secretary
Mr Narius Moloto
Mr Joseph Maqhekeni President
Mr Daniel Lengoabala Deputy President
Ms Puseletso Tsukulu - Motsohi 1st Vice President (International Relations)
Ms Paulina Nkosi 2nd Vice President (Organising)
Ms Mamaponya Makgoba 3rd Vice President (Gender)
Ms Caroline Rakgotsoka Treasurer
Ms Dorothy Marais Deputy Treasurer
Mr Narius Moloto General Secretary