1997 Draft Resolutions

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This Congress:-

I.   Noting the lack of organising skills and programmes within the affiliates.
ii.  Acknowledging the importance of Education amongst members
iii. That the new Labour Relation Act - NACTU affiliates to build membership
iv.  Acknowledge that Educational activities are central in building strong and viable unions.

This Congress resolves that:-

1.  NACTU should organise programmes for organisers to equip them with skills.
2.  Create a cadreship - members who would build NACTU membership and structures
3.  NACTU should involve their Education Unit in building structures and worker leadership within NACTU.
4.  Affiliates should take the education of workers very seriously
5.  Each affiliate should build capacity to carry out education programmes.


This Congress:- 

Noting that a scope exist for building NACTU in sectors  that are weakly organised such as building and construction, liquor and catering, farmworkers, cleaning and security, engineering and civil.

In noting that this is no co-ordinated effort to organise and build members at Federation and within affiliates.

Acknowledging that a lack of investment of resources by affiliates in organising.

Re-affirming the 4th Congress resolution on Building NACTU

This Congress therefore resolve:-

1.   To instruct the Central Committee to establish on organising Committee that will submit reports to the Central Committee.
2.   Members of such a Committee should include General Secretaries of affiliates.
3.  The Organising Committee should look into sector and areas that have a potential
4.  The organising Committee should mobilise resources from affiliates and other sources for building membership.
5.  Local and regional organising campaign be mounted directed by the Committee.
6.  Affiliates not co-operating be called upon to account by the Central Committee.

Moved ! NUF


This Congress noting that

I.      Organisational development workshops to build working class leadership to take control of Unions lacking.
ii.      In some affiliates burea criatisation and official control undermines worker leadership union growth and development.
iv.  Some affiliates are taking advantage of this situation.

This Congress resolve that:-

1.  NACTU should run workshops and seminars for worker office - bearers on accounting and accountability.
2. Worker office - bearers should be trained in meeting procedures
3.  All worker office bearers at all levels be developed to have policy making skills.
4.  Worker  office - bearers should be trained in negotiating and dispute resolution skills.
5.  Worker office bearers to be trained in International relations and solidarity.

Moved by SACWU


This Congress noting that:-

I.    Women participation in Union is weak
ii.   Women issues not taken as union issues by unions
iii.  Women are lacking in leadership of affiliates and NACTU
iv.  Affiliates are not encouraging in their structures
v.   Inequality and marginalisation in union is not acceptable.

This Congress therefore resolve that:-

1.  Women issues are Trade Union issues
2.  Affiliates should include issues affecting woman into their collective bargaining agendas
3.  An accelerated programmes to bring woman into leadership by affiliates to be carried.
4.  Women organisers and negotiation be developed within unions


This Congress noting:-

1.  Affiliates lack capacity to tackle and grapple with issue falling the labour
2.  Leadership in affiliates need education and skills to fackle macro-economic and social issues.
3.  The ability to handle researched information by affiliate is limited
4.  That the situation lends itself to only few people within the Federation having the capacity to understands development in social and economic sphere and how these impact on workes.

This Congress therefore resolve to:-

1.  Instruct the Central Committee to develop capacity for affiliate leaders to be able to develop policies.
2.  NACTU should research and carry out appropriate empowerment programmes for affiliates.
3.  Extend service organisations to be asked to assist when such is lacking


This Congress noting that:- 

1.  No mechanism or guidelines exists to resolve disputes within and between affiliates.
2.  The non existence of such mechanism or guidelines creates problems within affilliates and between that expends energy, time and resources.
3.  When disputes and problems exist wastage on time and unnecessary splits take place.

This Congress resolve to:-

1. Urge affiliates to have disciplinary structures and procedures for staff.
2. That NACTU should hold training seminars of holding proper and fair hearings that are in compliance with the Act.
3. That the Central Committee set up a dispute Resolution Committee for disputes within and between affiliates with the following guidelines:-
3.1.  Disputes within affiliates to be resolved on stitutionetly with higher structures having authority or lower structure.
3.2. where an affiliate has problems as a result of lack or deviation from consistitutionality.
3.3. where disputes are as a result of violation of existing laws and the constitution laws and the constitution remedies to return the Union to constitutionaly should be taken and appropriate legal steps be taken to remedy.
3.6.  Complaint by staff will not be entertained by the committee as the Union constitution will apply.



This Congress noting that NEDLAC is an important institution for input into major Lanbour and market economic and social issues. Acknowledging that co-ordination within NACTU and puting up has been ---------

Recognising that affiliates do not understand the importance of NEDLAC as important areas of activity by Labour.

This Congress therefore resolves to:-

1.  Instruct the Central Committee to set up a Labour market Committee to co-ordinate NACTU input into the NEDLAC processes.
2.  NACTU to request NEDLAC to run seminars on NEDLAC, NEDLAC processes and agreements reached for all affiliates.
3.  NACTU to call a bargaining conference annually to be able to have a co-ordinate input into NEDLAC

Moved ! SACWU


Congress noting that:-

1.  The new LRA procedures for the setting of workplace forum
ii.  That the workplace forums can empower workers in terms of their workplaces and function
iii.  There is an ill concerned idea that workplace forum can replace Union.
iv.   Where a Union is weak a workplace forum will undermine the Union

This Congress therefore resolve to:- 

1.  Call on NACTU and affiliated Unions to run workshops and training seminars on the issues the workplace forums are supposed to deal with.
2.  Urge affiliate to trigger workplace forum where Unions are strong and call for full disclosure of information on the area. The workplace forum are to deal within. 

Moved :   NUFBESAW


This Congress resolve that UIF Act is archaic and is designed to frustrate unemployed workers. Further note that UIF money if not for investment by the UIF Board but to pay out worker who are in distress.

Deploring the provision of the Act which exploit the worker for ignorance of the Act. Further noting that corruption is pampant in the administration and payment of the fund believing that the fund regainess  restrucuring to be able - This Congress resolve to:-

1.  Urge NACTU Central Committee to cell for the restructuring of UIF to be able to be responsive to workers who contribute and love their jobs.
2.  Call for the increase of the ceiling and contribution to 2%.
3.  NACTU to call for increase in unemployment benefits.
4.  Employers Labour and Government to have equal sectors.


This Congress noting that apartheid had denied access to having and skill development. In the noting that employers collided with the apartheid regime in denying training to the majority of workers.

Recognising that the globalisation of the economy requires an accelerate skills development programme.

Acknowlegement the gap between final education and skill requirement by the economy.

Encourage by the government’s recognition of the need to develop a skill’s base that will meet the requirements of development and growth.

This Congress resolve to:-

1.   Support the skills Development Bill
2.   Call for an increase from 1% in the Bill to 4% of the payroll tax.
3.   Urge the government to put through the Bill
4.   Deplore the employer opposition to the Bill.
5.   Call on affiliate to make constructive inputs for NACTU to have a coherent approach to the Bill.
6.   Urge affiliate to take skill development and training of workers seriously.




This Congress noting that:-

I.    A number of affiliate are not affiliated to Internation Trade Secretariots.
ii.    NACTU’s international work is not co-ordinated with that of affiliate
iii.  That international solidarity is the basic principle of working class struggle
iv.  Some affiliates though affiliated do not pay dues to ITS’s.

This Congress therefore resolve that:-

1.  NACTU should set up an International Committee comprised of affiliates that have international affiliation.
2.  Affiliates to be urged to pay affiliation fees for international solidarity
3.  Unaffiliated Union to be encouraged to affiliate.
4.  NACTU to run educational seminars on international relations for affiliates so that they should not see solidarity as receiving money but assisting other workers who are fighting better struggles, against recallitrant employers and governments.


This Congress noting:-

I.  The centuries violation of human and Trade Union rights in Swaziland.
ii.  The deniel by the Botswana government of full Trade Union rights by not allowing BFTU to have full time Union offices.
iii.  The Trade Union situation in Namibia of weakness of the labour movement.
Iv.  Lack of direct relationship affiliates and NACTU in Southern Africa 

This Congress resolve that:-

1.  NACTU affiliates should be encouraged to develop relation with sister Unions through SATUCC.
2.  That the SATUCC structures should be reviewed to allow participation of affiliated National centres.
3.  Encourage sub-regions structures with SATUCC .
4.  Affiliates to develop solidarity funds for joint educational purpose with sister Unions in the region.



This Congress noting:- 

I.   That the Globalisation of the Trade Union economy require strong international trade union solidarity.
ii.  The challenge of globalisation and labour standard can put Trade Unions of developes and developing countries into conflict.
iii. The call that there should be a social educate in trade agreement has resulted in some difference between trade unions in developing countries and developed countries as a result  of misconceptions.
iv. The lowering of trade ---- is resulting in employees shifting into countries with low wages, pon labour standard and human rights violation.

This Congress therefore resolve to:-

1.  Call on SATUCC, ICFTU-AFRO and the ICFTU to run workshops in GLOBALISATION and the Trade Union challenge.
2.      Call in SATUCC, ICFTU - AFRO and ICFTU run workshops in globalisation, labour standard and trade.
3.    To work with all trade unions in SATUCC, ICFTU-AFRO and in the ICFTU to build strong union throughout the world that will fight for and defend workers right and International Labour standard.
4.    NACTU should campaign for a social clause in trade agreement. 



The 4th Congress of the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF TRADE UNION meeting in Johannesburg on the 14th - 17th November 1997 - Agreeing with the macro-economic objective that GEAR meets for the country. 

CONCERNED - at fiscel and monetary policies to achieve these objective as contrary to the objectives of GEARY. 

BELIVIENG - that the observation about the budget defient undermines the very objective of GEAR. 

NOTING - that the forging of revenue of expenditing to GDP is unreasonable and will undermine capital and social expenditure. 

URGES - NACTU to meet with government to point out the flowed assumptions in GEAR. 

CONDEMNS - the monetary policies of the Reserve Bank of maintaining high interest Rates thereby checking growth. 

DENOUNCING - The investment boycott by South African business calls on the South African government to pursue expansions fiscel policies to kick start economic growth and job creatioa. Further calls on NACTU to formally endorse the “SOCIAL EQUITY & JOB CREATIRIA DOCUMENT” as a basis on which NACTU and Labour should engage government in macro-economic issues. 



The 5th Congress of the NACTU meeting in Johannesburg on the 14 - 16 November 1997.

NOTING: that the stated objectives of GEAR are to create :-

* a competitive fast growing economy which creates sufficient jobs for all workseekers
* re-distribution of income and opportunities in favour of the poor.
* a society in which sound health, education and other services are available to all.
* an environment in which homes are secure and places of work productive.

CONSIDERING:   that these stated object was nobody can assure with these objectives

Further noting that the fixed and monetary policies that GEAR proposes to achieve these objective are self defecting in that they are proposing a contractunary  fiscel policy with emphasis revolving on an obsession to reduce the deficit by revenue and expenditure to GDP.

CONVINCED: - that the monetary and fiscel policies proposed by in GEAR are an anothemo to job creation and growth. 

DEPLORING: - the monetary policy of high interest rates 

RECOGNISING: - that only through capital expenditure, investment in infrastructure and progressive toxatum that the government can kick start the economy. 

URGES: - NACTU leadership to enter into dialogue with the government by pursuating Unions to reject the fiscel and memo to  policies of GEAR. 

ENDORSES: - the Social Equity and job creation document drawn by Labour as the best approach towards creating jobs and re-distribution of income in favour of the poor. 



This Congress :-

1.  the government was to create Industrial Development zone where they claim the LRA, BCEA will apply.
2.  Concerned that IDZ’s will suppress wages through super explotation.
3.  Further noting that the IDZ will create Industrial dislocation and poor working conditions for workers in those areas 

This Congress therefore resolves: 

1.  To reject IDZ’s as dead end job zone.
2.  Urges the government to reject this route of development promptly on basic and human right
3.  Calls for government not to create an incentive by local business to continue the investment boycott.

Moved! SACWU


This Congress noting that:-

I.    Privatisation is creeping into South Africa
ii.   Water and other basic services have began to be contracted to private companies.
iii.   The state is being encouraged by capital and international financial institution to sell off major stated asset to private hands.
iv.   Further believe that:-
(a)   Delivering of basic services by the private sector is going to make these services inacessible ot the poor.
(b)    The withdrawal of the state of delivering of basic services will further enhance poverty and the poor quality of life in rural and urban areas.

This Congress resolve to:-

1.  Reject privatisation in all it firms.
2.  To call upon the government not to shirk, its responsibility of providing basic services.
3.  Call upon all levels of government to take a direct responsibility in provision of basic service and infrastructures.




This Congress noting:-

1.   The South African schools Act, the curriculum zones and Draft High Education Bill designed to charge education in schools and Universities.
2.   The transformation process sweeping through the institutions of higher learning to bring them in line with the democratic change that are taking place.

Encourage by:- 

(a)   The Minister of Education resolve to bring equity and accessibility of higher education.
(b)     The support parliament has given to the Minister in efforts to change education to meet the demand of under economy.

Diploring the:-

- right wing element who want to return to the past and have compartmentalised education.
- continuing racism in some schools

This Congress therefore resolve to:-

1.  Call upon the government to stamp out -------- elements in public school
2.  Urges the government to withdraw public found in school kids continue with racism.
3.  Teachers should be trained in the new teaching methods required by Curriculum 2005.

5.2.   HEALTH:

The 5th Congress meeting in Johannesburg from the 14 - 16 November 1997. 

Minister of Health progressive Health Care policies contained in the three bill opposed by pharmaceutical companies by business and right wing --------- 

Encouraged by the Minister refusal to submit to blackmail strongly condemning the pharmaceutical parties and right policies who want to continue to bring the poor access to affordable health. 

Urges NACTU to support the National Health Care System the Drugg policy and the extra one year for inter-proposed by the   Minister Condemns the unproductive behaviour of doctors . Call upon the Minister to ensure that the health service reach the poor. 

DENOUNCE:- the blackmail to withhold AIDS Medical for South Africa. 

NDORSES:- parliament’s resoluteness not to be lacking of by pharmaceutical companies instructs the leadership to publicly endorse the Minister health care policies as progressive and in favour of the poor. 



The 5th Congress of the National Council of Trade Union meeting in Johannesburg on 14 16 November 1997.

DEEPLY CONCERNED: by an upsets against  immigrant and manifastations  of  racism  and growing xemophobia encouraged by hawkers and some backward elements.

DEPLORING:- the prejudice and growing intolerance against immigrants which has resulted in violent acts against hawkers.

RECOGNISING:- all this ensuring poverty in Southern Africa and West African countries has resulted in a number of immigrants coming to South Africa in search of jobs.

RECALLING:- The principles and standard concerning basic human rights in ILO Convention and ------- United Nations ------

DENOUNCING:- the -------treatment of immigrant workers in South Africa forms and workplaces the degrading conditions they work under.

UNDERMINING:- the abuses the immigrant workers live and work under in particular in forms, and other workplace.

DEMANDS:- that the South African government should give immigrants same right and benefits as national ------ 

URGES:- NACTU and its affiliates to investigate the ---- abuses of ---- immigrant by unfu-------- employers .

CALL:- for NACTU to -------- serious concern through SATUCC also the SADC that government should create the necessary social economic and political conditions that will prevent unemployed people leaving their  countries in search of work

5.4.  CRIME:

This Congress noting that:-

1.  Crime is becoming a serious problem in the country.
2.  Certain elements in the farming community and political parties want to make crime an electorial issue.
3.  Former apartheid leaders ae calling for the death penalty as a detrrent with some other opportunists.
4.  Corruption in the police is also compounding the problem
5.  Crime affect communities within which workers leave
6.  South African crime situation is manifest---- of a bigger social problem and of greedy anti-social elements who are exploiting the transifund ---------
7.  During syndicates and gangsters are creating an atmosphere that they are in top of the situation.

This Congress resolves that:-

1.  NACTU should support anti-crime campaign
2.  NACTU and its affiliates to encourage members to participate in crime combeting exercises in their communities.
3.  NACTU condemns political ma----- and opportunists who want to use the crime situation to join political mileage aby using crime as an electi ----------
4.  NACTU rejects calls for death penalty as a cheap emotive issues.
5.  NACTU supports the governments call for respect of human right and rejects the nation that the death penalty is a deterrent for crime.
6.  The government should have training programmes for the youth and juveniles.


This Congress noting that:-

1.  HIV/AIDS is reaching epidence properturns

2.  Cultural and traditional beliefs making it difficult to fight HIV/AIDS
3.  Unions are doing very little in the campaign against HIV/AIDS
4.  People are afraid to come out openly on the question of HIV/AIDS
5.  HIV/AIDS is going to affect human resource base of the country and many workers will be affected by the disease.
6.  HIV/AIDS being a natural problem. Affect every gender, class, races any person irrespective of social standing.
7.  Political parties are also not serious as they want to make a political football and of the issue. 

This Congress therefore resolves that:- 

1.  NACTU ands its affiliates should work with NACOSA and other institutions of civil society in campaign on HIV/AIDS awareness.
2.  NACTU to call upon the government to make funds available for an HIV/AIDS educational campaign.
3.  The government employees to work out a strategy to deal with.
4.  NACTU to reject pre-employment testing on HIV/AIDS and to participate and make input into the South Africa Law Commission’s Bill on HIV/AIDS.