Campaigns of NACTU

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5.1 Community involvement

This policy saw NACTU launching a campaign on the Sharpville Six and the Upington 25 that became later the Upington 14. These two trails that was a result of the rent boycott received international exposure through NACTU's involvement and publicity. NACTU through the ICFTU co-ordinating Committee on Southern Africa , the ILO and links with various national centres throughout the world was able to bring international attention to the plight of the trialist.

5.2 Sanctions

NACTU made its first call for sanctions at its laugh in October 1986.  This was not the first time as its precursors CUSA and AZACTU campaigned for sanctions.  CUSA was the first organisation inside South Africa to give testimony before the US Congress on Sanctions. immediately after its launch in October 1986, NACTU attended an ICFTU conference on Beating Apartheid that was called to step up the sanction campaign.  NACTU called for the international community to impose sanctions against Apartheid.  This NACTU  continued in the ILO Committee on Action Against Apartheid at  its Annual Conferences.

5.3 Rent and Television Boycott

NACTU supported the rent boycott campaign by communities and in addition called for Television Licenses boycott as some of the peaceful means to overthrow Apartheid.

NACTU has after the democratic election supported the Masakhane campaign to be accompanied by delivery of service.