Programme and activities of NACTU

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NACTU though its various units carries out important programmes.   

NACTU has eight units based at its headquarters under the Secretariat. 


This unit operates at head office.  it is responsible for all administrative activities such as receipt of funds, payments of accounts, production of financial statements and production of reports.



NACTU has an education unit led by an education co‑ordinator that runs education seminars on the following:

  • Organising skills

  • Negotiation skills

  • Administration skills

  • Organisational Development

  • Basic Trade Union Education

  • Shopsteward

  • Basic legal

  • Paralegal

  • Health and Safety

The seminars are run over 5 days or over weekends for affiliates.  The unit works under a structure called the Educators Forum, composed of educators from affiliates.

In addition, NACTU developed an accredited one year programme for Trade Union Management with Unisa that has been running since 1993.

The course consist of five modules.

  • Introduction to Economics

  • Communication

  • Financial Management

  • Collective Bargaining

  • Labour

This course is for shopstewards and union leadership.


Women's Unit

The women's unit is co‑ordinated by the Women's Co‑ordinator.  It functions under a steering Committee that meets monthly.  The unit runs gender sensitivity workshops and workshops to develop strategies on how to integrate women issues into the main  trade union agenda.


Printing Unit

NACTU prints its own material through the printing unit and for affiliates.

Information Unit

NACTU has a trade union library, this assists affiliates with information. 


Legal unit

NACTU has a paralegal service that assists dismissed members of affiliates with cases and provide advice to affiliates.

For these activities, NACTU's sources of its income are its affiliation fees and project funds from donor co‑operating partners such as LO/TCO Sweden (Shopstewards), SASK FINLAND, LO/DENMARK, FNV‑NETHERLANDS, ICFTU, CTUC and AALC.